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Course Description


Taught by
Prof. Dr. Jesús Ángel González,
Course language
Classes: Wed 12:30-13:30, Thu 10:30-12:30

The course will deal with the concepts of culture and European unity and diversity. Therefore, the different concepts of culture and the diverse dimensions of Europe (geographical, historical, religious, economic, cultural) will be analyzed and followed by an individual analysis of the culture and civilization of some specific European countries.

The course will also present key facts about the creation and development of the European Union. Some of the topics to be covered are: Origin of the EU, how the EU works, monetary union, European issues and priorities, perception of living conditions by European citizens and the EU in the world, current developments and future possibilities.

-Class attendance and participation 10%
-Oral presentation 30% Students will choose a European country and prepare an oral presentation about its culture and civilization.. The presentation should last between 15 and 20 minutes and some of the following fields could be covered: Background, history, geography, languages, sociological overview, education, religion, economy, politics, the Media, cultural conflicts, cultural products (Literature, Cinema, Art). Special emphasis should be placed on each student’s field of expertise (preferably his University Major).
- Reading and Writing Assignments: 30 %: Students are expected to read a number of articles, present them in class and hand in article reviews (Deadline: May 19). They are also expected to fill in the Europass CV and Language Passport (May 5).
- Final paper: “What is then a European?“ 30 % (Deadline June 15)
Teaching methods
Participants will be encouraged to actively participate in class and share their experiences and ideas with others to explore new ways of thinking. The course will be conducted using a mixture of lectures; small group activities; practical exercises, facilitated discussions and oral presentations.
Teaching material

§  Core Texts:
Oxford Guide to British and American Culture. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1999.
Barbour, P. (Ed.) The European Union Handbook. Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers. 1996
Bryson, Bill. Neither Here nor There. London: Black Swan, 1999
Bryson, Bill. Notes from a Small Island.  London: Black Swan, 1999.
Díez Medrano, J. Framing Europe. Princeton University Press. 2003.
Hartley, Emma. 50 Facts you Need to Know: Europe. Icon Books: 2006.
González López, Jesús A. An Introduction to North American Culture and Literature. Santander: TGD, 2006.
§  Additional material:
Articles from magazines, newspapers and the internet, video clips from films and television programs.